Faith vs What you know!

Another splendid comment of our well-educated Christians.

Erik… let’s examine what you’re saying… “I see you started using words like “probable” “accepted” theories. That is what I was waiting for. Here is the “faith” that I was talking about. In order to be an evolutionist there is a great need for “faith” ”

First of all… your accusation of A GREAT NEED FOR FAITH. That is bs. The acceptance or the rejection of a theory is made on Statistical inferences based on probabilities. THE Probability is part of Statistics. IN SCIENCE NOTHING is FOR SURE (unlike in Religion). A very circumspect individual will always say that the probability that when he has 2 apples and adds another 2 apples will result in having 4 apples is very likely to converge to 1 but he cannot say that reality is really so. However, saying that 2+2=4 does not imply that He HAS FAITH that This is so! It is simply A STATEMENT of WHAT HE KNOWS based on the current set of knowledge!

When making an inference about ANYTHING, there are 2 types of errors that you can make. Type A error – rejecting the null hypothesis when the Null hypothesis is correct and Type B error – NOT rejecting the Null hypothesis when the null is False. Also, there are many methods of obtaining evidence to to support or reject a hypothesis. ONLY one of them is EMpirical Evidence! We have empirical evidence of Microevolution. What we could use now is LOGIC and the and the given knowledge IN order to make Further INFERENCES. Mere Inferences based on LOGIC do NOT require empirical evidence to be true. Logic, just like math is a mature subject, unless you want to Argue that by Assumtption TRUE != True (Where != Is Does not equal) Macroevolution is a LOGICAL inference. Just like you use logical inference to deduce out that if you had 1 billion apples and somebody would give you another billion then you would have 2 billion apples. Now if we let Micro be 2+2, let 1bn +1bn be Macro, then What you are saying is SIMPLY:

“OHHH!!! I NEVER SAW 1 billion apples at a time! In fact Nobody did! And nobody gave us another billion apples!!!! THEREFORE 1 bn + 1 bn !=2 bn BECAUSE We do NOT have Empirical Evidence! THERE IS A GAP of APPLES therefore it’s NOT TRUE!”

How do we know it’s TRUE though??? Well… you know 1bn +1bn=2bn because this is what LOGICAL inference tells you and you would indeed have to be a complete idiot to spend resources and time to convince ourself that this is indeed so. In probability terms, the Type B error is simply infinitely small. The example of the dogs that you back up as an ultimate defense against evolution is evidence of noisome logic and a cursory understanding of species adaptation. Putting a Chewawa in the wild and having it perished does not prove that evolution is wrong. It simply says that this type of modification of dog is not fit under the natural conditions you made it subject to. besides there are many examples of natural selection in the wild that under other natural environments they will not survive. Take the Grizzly bear and put it on the polars and put the white polar bear in India let’s say… see what happens. You can Pray for them to survive, I’m sure it’ll help! 😀 Environment and a whole bunch of other factors (real factors, not imaginary) determines how species evolve and how fit or unfit they are to a specific environment and that does not disproof evolution it actually follows the logical pattern of evolution.

For your last paragraph… Firstly I am not a satanist as you claim I am. (Sorry no BBQ of atheists for you 🙂 ) Secondly I am not angry at all and i didn’t say you’re stupid where did you get those inferences from? I said it to you many times that I think there are many smart christians (still)! But I also don’t feel the need to be apologetic on someone’s boisterous attitude towards scientific methods when it comes to less revenue to the church. You say “I do hate the lie that is promoted by them because of all the destruction that it causes in the lives of others.” Aaa,.. yeah! Let me guess.. .you are talking about the Dark ages and all the lies and destructions that it caused to the lives of innocent ppl. BINGO! 🙂 And here’s a related movie to this discussion… Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. The culprit here is that not everyone understands how the scientific method works, hence statements such as “X is just a theory” are used as “arguments” against people who can reason 🙂

    I think that if you really want to make someone understand, you should explain to them that for some idea to have value, it has to:
    – make predictions that can be verified
    – be falsifiable

    Religion provides neither of the above.

    To sum things up, there is no point in trying to deliver a message to a religious person, unless you make them understand. I tried to compile this into a short guide, so far the conversion rate is nil, but maybe you’ll have better luck 🙂

  2. you wrote “make predictions that can be verified”
    Verify macro-evolution using the Scientific Method, do not forget that one of the steps to the method is to be able to reproduce your verification, then we can talk more. Until then just admit that macro-evolution is an unprovable theory requiring more faith then Christianity.

  3. Erik, absence of proof and proof of absence are different things.

    Lack of evidence isn’t proof of anything. If you lose your car keys and look for them in the kitchen, the living room, the basement, and the bathroom and don’t find them – that doesn’t mean that your keys no longer exist.

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