Faith in its Place :)

John Loftus on Faith into God , dedicated to those who think THEIR Religion is the Right one 🙂

Link to youtube



  1. Erik… before you talk about God X (in your case the BibleGod), please define it specifically and how you know your specific definition is true given that god is non-physical and the please also try to justify morally the actions of your God shown by me in the previous blog.

    • Read the last post that I left for some examples. I have many more but when it is personal it is better. There is also external, physical proof as well. Once you read the previous entry then I will add more.

      BTW, God became physical in the person of Jesus Christ. He fulfilled most of the Old Testament prophecies about Himself. The ones that He has not fulfilled have not happened yet. They were promised to happen in the end of the end times so they are coming.

  2. I would also recomend that you read some stuff and watch some more stuff produced by Tim Keller.

    I do not agree with everything that he teaches but he does make reasonable, logical arguments for faith in God.

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