I´m “proud” to be Romanian!

I´m proud to be Romanian! You can´t imagine how proud I am! All my country-fellow-men are very open-minded, are OK with gay people and other people of different religious views than their own!
Romanians are very proud of whom they are. That´s what I have observed at least. So are Americans (including Canadians). But there is some heterogeneity among them. Americans are proud of their country (you get the impression they don´t feel American if they`re not NUMBER ONE! And take my word for it, if you tell them they´re not, some of them take it as an insult), Canadians, on the other hand, are usually proud of their friends (you´ll hear a lot of “I´m so proud of you” in Canada).
Romanians are proud of … being Romanians! Yep, that´s it! And every achievement of any Romanian (even if only a distant relative of his/her was from Romania) they attribute it to themselves. The logic is as following (Assume Person X invented something which turned out to beGREAT! therefore X=GREAT! & if X=Romanian and YOU=ROMANIAN too! therefore YOU=GREAT! :))) q.e.d!

So, you should expect to see compilations of the major Romanian “achievements” of this kind:

to be quite popular. And indeed, it is! You would imagine a ten min for a youtube video would not be enough to list major discoveries and achievements. Think again… 5:30 is enough to include “defending four Penalties in a Row!” … and to make the Achievements video last longer: Don´t forget to PUT a ten seconds count down at the beginning!

Why are Romanians so proud of themselves? Probably because they compare themselves to their lame brothers: MOLDOVANS!
(To draw a line of comparison, when Americans compare themselves to “da bortherz” they feel pity for them, NOT PROUD about themselves!)
But there is a problem… Romanians are not alone. TURKEY! Turks are just as proud to be Turks as Romanians do! But Turks do not compare themselves to Azerbaijani. (Or do they?) Turkish people are able to make empirical observations in Istambul: for them Romanian/Moldavian girls are perceived as prostitutes. It´s funny to see how suddenly a Turkish guy lightens up from they realize the girl they are talking to is from MOLDOVA!
(On the other hand, the Turkish people do not even expect that even for lame Moldovans “Are you Turkish?!” is not a question concerning your nationality… they use it in a derogatory way for “ARE YOU DUMB!?!”). Don´t rush to blame Moldova for hypocrisy before you find out that in Romania “We do NOT sell Turkish auto parts!” is used as an advertisement.
So what do Romanians and Turks have in common? Why are they so proud of themselves?
I see this type of “proudness” to be very connected to “wishful thinking”. (link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wishful_thinking)
Wishful thinking is a deviation from adjusting your expectations in a rational way.
I once had a chat with the Turkish vice minister of foreign affairs, and it´s no joke, he was thinking that European Union should join Turkey. Was impressing how he could back it up with facts. And ask a Romanian officer about Romania´s role in the NATO bloc to sustain world security! The answer is more impressing than the video “The World without Romania!” provided earlier 🙂
Basically they talk about a state of affairs they would like to be in, and all empirical facts are shamelessly ignored! Does it sound familiar to you? Does it ring a bell if I say “heaven”, “unicorns” and “the garden of eden”?
Wishful thinking is also quite present in people with short memory for past orthodoxies.
The overwhelming pressure, excess of optimism from people around you, unrealistic demands and unfavorable environments in early childhood development, early exposure to Hollywood happy-end movies can all cause syndromes of wishful thinking.
Both countries: Romania and Turkey are going through harsh times. And the degree of wishful thinking can be used as a good proxy fore religiousness.
In fact … if you look at the Eurobarometer of the European Union on Religious Demography both Turkey and Romania are in the top five most religious countries, with only 1% of Atheists. That make them also the most religious countries in the world!
It´s nice if u happen to be a muslim (Turkey) or a chirstian (Romania)… but one thing is certain: It SUCKS bad to be different!
That is NOT what the Turkish/Romanian people will tell you if you ask them: How is it to be an Atheist in your country?
And how did you expect?




  1. Actually…according to the report: Turkey and Romania are the most RELIGIOUS countries in Europe!
    And if you consider Turkey to be out of Europe… 🙂

  2. așa de proud că tucma ai scris în engleză :)) mă mândresc și eu cu sângele meu parțial român, de ce? am undeva pe blog un articol, cu o poza care spune tot

  3. am ajuns din nimereala si o sate plictisesc/enervez cu parerea mea ( ca tot omu am si io o parerea ) din inertie si plictiseala ( tre sa stau in casa din motive medicale )
    sa fut turcii . nu sunt europeni ( si nu numai din cauza religei sau localizarii geografice-un petec de pamant in europa nu insemana ca esti european si nu ma refer ma m>UE noul urss )
    turc borat e insulta . esti turc si facut in turcia exprima alte lucruri si tu cred ca sti ce .
    mai bine comparai romania cu ungaria . si ungurii au mult din lolile romanilor.
    nu sunt o pesoana religioasa ( ma duc la biserica ca tot romanau ipocrit o data pe an si atunci sa apirnd o lumanare si/sau la botezuri , nunti etc > ) . daca as avea rabdarea si cheful sa raspund la un chestionar . as spune ca sunt ortodox nepracticant si oarecum ateu ( in caz ca ar avea casute pt. asa pereferinte ) . nu cred in oameni&religie si in privinta lu d-zeu am niste semne de intrebare. dar tot ortodox nepracticant raman
    americanii nu sunt un grup etnic . ei sunt doar o natiune . de aici si multe diferente . dar da ai dreptate din cauza unor nereusite ( sau prea putine ) in viata personala avam tendinta sa sarim calu cu mandria dand si in ridicol cateodata .
    eu sunt roman ( cateodata si mandru dar mereu roman indiferent de circumstante) . nu imi atribui realizarile altor romani dar nici petele negre .

  4. @ERATA
    ..bolile…aprind.. (..reusite ) ..avem..

  5. Sa iti aduc o obiectie legitima: tie ti se pare ca, in vreun fel, romanii din ziua de azi au vreo legatura cu cei din clip?

  6. I guess that what you’ve written here applies to anyone who lacks common sense and basic analytical skills.

    However, Ro/Md folks have one feature that other Europeans don’t have* – the natural tendency to build more churches 🙂

    * Sagrada Familia seems to be a money sinkhole, but I think (hope?) they see it as a work of art, not as a direct connection to god.

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