About me


Thanks for clicking! 🙂 (You might regret it later… 😉 )

I’m Lucifer! Some people call me “The Devil”, some people call me the “morning star” and others call me “the light”. People usually fear me for they are risk averse, but I’m actually very kind to the kind, responsible to the responsible and very friendly to nice people like YOU! 🙂 IN FACT, I’m a mirror… your mirror! And your perception of me is you! And the more you tell me who you think I am, the more I can tell who you really are! 🙂


Cause I  surely AM!!! 🙂 What about you?



  1. I am Shaitan )))

  2. Hey boys, here’s a good one for you to read

    • That question was asked by me… I really though he would answer it a little bit smarter. 🙂
      There’s going to be an Ultionis for that article 😉
      Fii pe ace 🙂

    • Pfff…

  3. huuu…bine că nu am găsit niciun God pe aici…

  4. scrii in english, dar sa inteleg ca esti din Moldova sau gresesc?

  5. I love it, oameni din RM care ies din ascundere.
    Remind me sa te pun in blogroll 🙂

  6. Hehe, nu. Asa apare de la munca avem servere din diverse colturi.

  7. poza e faina.
    Asa si nu m-am prins de unde esti, Bucuresti?

  8. Bai, Luciferule, Sa inteleg ca esti antihrist, sau cum?

    • depinde , daca prin anarhist intelegi ca sunt tolerant fata de prostiile crestinilor, atunci nu 🙂

  9. si tot n-ai spus de unde esti 🙂

  10. Desenul din topul paginii rupe 😀
    A stat cândva la mine timp de juma de an fundal de desktop 🙂

  11. şi totuşi de ce lucifer?

    • it’s easy to deduce out: it pisses the christians off!
      for real! 🙂

      • it actually shows your pride and deception (and that you yourself are deceived, a puppet of your master, the real lucifer).

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