The Intrinsic Value of God!

The intrinsic value of God! 🙂 Enjoy!

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Molral Values: God vs Biology

From Erik Brewer’s Comment:

“Why is it that humans are the only moral beings on this earth?”  – Oh! They are Not the only ones! 🙂 And I am not even sure if people have the most moral values from all the animals. It’s not so uncommon to see animals behaving more responsible than humans.

“What is the probability of another animal “evolving” into a state of morality?” – The probability is 100%, you see how cats care for their kittens because if they didn’t they would become extinct, you see even how brainless fish take care of each other, and you don’t see species killing each other because again… otherwise they will become extinct.

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Faith in its Place :)

John Loftus on Faith into God , dedicated to those who think THEIR Religion is the Right one 🙂

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BibleGod VS Hitler

Since there is some discussion emerged about Christianity vs Hitler and whether Hitler could be classified as a Christian, I decided to compare some of the God’s actions with the actions of Hitler.

There’s a nice website I found, with not so nice comments about the actions of the BibleGoD. He/She was writing “Comment: What the FUCK is going on here and how can ANY one with half a brain kiss the ass of the “god” who gave such barbaric orders!!!”

The Author was clearly outraged by the writings of: Numbers 31: 1-18 , and definitely for a good reason: check out the passage for yourself:

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Magical Beans :)

What parts of the brain do you have to give up in order to be religious? And how can ppl be religious after all?

And here we can find an interesting suggestion from Rebecca:

How Brains make moral judgements

Christian Scientific Methods

Category: So Stupid that’s it’s Funny!


Here’s an example of Christian scientific proof used by Alexandru Curbert in a debate when he tries to prove the world is 7000 years old and that God created the World in 7 days:

Alexandru Curbert says: ” You’re right the Earth has a young age – almost 7000 years old.  And here you can find SCIENTIFIC PROOF:……

And by the way, The world was not created in 7 days, but in 6!”

😀 … I also liked the last one: ‘The world was not created in 7 days, but in 6!”  🙂  Me Fool! How could I not know that?! There’s a scientific METHOD to determine the age of earth: and that is to reference to the bible itself, just like we reference to our web-site when we try to make a point that we have “scientific proof” of something 🙂

Oh Look! It’s written in MY WEBSITE on the Internet by me, THEREFORE IT MUST be TRUE! 🙂

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Faith vs What you know!

Another splendid comment of our well-educated Christians.

Erik… let’s examine what you’re saying… “I see you started using words like “probable” “accepted” theories. That is what I was waiting for. Here is the “faith” that I was talking about. In order to be an evolutionist there is a great need for “faith” ”

First of all… your accusation of A GREAT NEED FOR FAITH. That is bs. The acceptance or the rejection of a theory is made on Statistical inferences based on probabilities. THE Probability is part of Statistics. IN SCIENCE NOTHING is FOR SURE (unlike in Religion). A very circumspect individual will always say that the probability that when he has 2 apples and adds another 2 apples will result in having 4 apples is very likely to converge to 1 but he cannot say that reality is really so. However, saying that 2+2=4 does not imply that He HAS FAITH that This is so! It is simply A STATEMENT of WHAT HE KNOWS based on the current set of knowledge!

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