Proiect de Lege

Eu as propune ca fiecare biserica sa fie taxata cite 1 euro p/u spatiul ce il ocupa dupa formula:

Taxa (lunara)= Suprafata ocupata in m^2 * Inaltimea bisericii

Nu de alta dar ea aduce externalitati negative oamenilor care nu cred, si prin urmare trebuie taxata.

Banii din taxe sa fie donati p/u invatamint 🙂

Ce spuneti credinciosilor? Ati fi deacord? 🙂

Isus va invata sa dati Caesarului ce-i a Caesarului.


The Intrinsic Value of God!

The intrinsic value of God! 🙂 Enjoy!

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Magical Beans :)

What parts of the brain do you have to give up in order to be religious? And how can ppl be religious after all?

And here we can find an interesting suggestion from Rebecca:

How Brains make moral judgements

Faith vs What you know!

Another splendid comment of our well-educated Christians.

Erik… let’s examine what you’re saying… “I see you started using words like “probable” “accepted” theories. That is what I was waiting for. Here is the “faith” that I was talking about. In order to be an evolutionist there is a great need for “faith” ”

First of all… your accusation of A GREAT NEED FOR FAITH. That is bs. The acceptance or the rejection of a theory is made on Statistical inferences based on probabilities. THE Probability is part of Statistics. IN SCIENCE NOTHING is FOR SURE (unlike in Religion). A very circumspect individual will always say that the probability that when he has 2 apples and adds another 2 apples will result in having 4 apples is very likely to converge to 1 but he cannot say that reality is really so. However, saying that 2+2=4 does not imply that He HAS FAITH that This is so! It is simply A STATEMENT of WHAT HE KNOWS based on the current set of knowledge!

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Microevolution is OK, but NOOO WAY for Macroevolutin!

Here’s another interesting response to a comment of mine. The author ADMITS Microevolution, but no Macroevolution which is according to him (a fairy tale).

alexandru wrote, in response to Lucifer Ultionis:

“microevoluţia este un fapt dovedit, însă macroevoluţia este o poveste. Dacă scoţi cuvintele “probabil” şi “posibil” dispare şi macroevoluţia. Nu le uneşte rădăcina cuvântului “evoluţie”. Cine presupune că ar reieşi una din alta ,nu înţege pe deplin ce înseamnă microevoluţie.”

Here’s a good response from thunderfood:

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Regarding the age of people…

I like copying and pasting 🙂

Many Christians claim that the world is only 7000 years old but here’s something that sparked my attention: the age of human beings. 🙂

But of course this is not all…  The author clearly distingueshes 2 types of ppl. Those that come from Adam and Eve and those who come from planet Earth that had a Physical body that was SIMPLY SIMILAR (probably by chance) to those of the HUMAN beings created by GOD! 🙂

For those who know Romanian: Enjoy!


“Cu privire la 6000 de ani – am scris 6000 de ani biblici, nu ma refer la 6000 de ani ai “omenirii”. Părerea mea, că până la crearea lui Adam şi Eva au mai existat “oameni”, dar din punct de vedere a lui Dumnezeu aceşti oameni nu sunt oameni în întreg sens al cuvântului, deoarece nu aveau “eul” spiritual şi acel suflet, care să le permite să creeze relaţii cu Dumnezeu ca părinte – copil, deşi aveau un corp fizic asemenea fiinţilor umane, sufletul lor conducea corpul fizic doar pentru menţinirea funcţiilor necisităţii supravieţuirii, protecţiei şi reproducerii, adica corespundea cu instinctul unui animal.”