I´m “proud” to be Romanian!

I´m proud to be Romanian! You can´t imagine how proud I am! All my country-fellow-men are very open-minded, are OK with gay people and other people of different religious views than their own!
Romanians are very proud of whom they are. That´s what I have observed at least. So are Americans (including Canadians). But there is some heterogeneity among them. Americans are proud of their country (you get the impression they don´t feel American if they`re not NUMBER ONE! And take my word for it, if you tell them they´re not, some of them take it as an insult), Canadians, on the other hand, are usually proud of their friends (you´ll hear a lot of “I´m so proud of you” in Canada).
Romanians are proud of … being Romanians! Yep, that´s it! And every achievement of any Romanian (even if only a distant relative of his/her was from Romania) they attribute it to themselves. The logic is as following (Assume Person X invented something which turned out to beGREAT! therefore X=GREAT! & if X=Romanian and YOU=ROMANIAN too! therefore YOU=GREAT! :))) q.e.d!

So, you should expect to see compilations of the major Romanian “achievements” of this kind:

to be quite popular. And indeed, it is! You would imagine a ten min for a youtube video would not be enough to list major discoveries and achievements. Think again… 5:30 is enough to include “defending four Penalties in a Row!” … and to make the Achievements video last longer: Don´t forget to PUT a ten seconds count down at the beginning!

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