Call for papers

Erik Brewer…  here´s a call for papers for people like you who claim to have evidence of God´s existance.

Good luck! Until then… shut up 🙂



  1. oooh, you found evidence on youtube (what a great scientific source, I guess everything that makes it to youtube must be true)

    • Erik, Did you at least look at the video before you wrote your comment? I´m sure you didn´t because the video is a CALL for papers from guys like you, not a proof of anykind. At least one paper. The video is also less than 10 min, so it´s within the SRI for a debate. 😛
      And rejected peer-reviewed papers are OK as well. So what could be easier than that? Go ahead and provide at least some evidence of your God´s existence before you can claim some credibility.

      • Can you write a 10 min paper against the existance of God?

  2. Adri: “Can you write a 10 min paper against the existance of God?”
    How smart… huh?
    In science it’s the null hypothesis that should be rejected, not the alternative one.
    The null is: I don’t know
    Your alternative hypothesis is: There is a Christian God from your bible…
    So for the alternative to be true, you have to give some compelling prove.

    To see how dull your argument is, try and prove that there is no spaghetti flying monster on one of the rings.

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