Proiect de Lege

Eu as propune ca fiecare biserica sa fie taxata cite 1 euro p/u spatiul ce il ocupa dupa formula:

Taxa (lunara)= Suprafata ocupata in m^2 * Inaltimea bisericii

Nu de alta dar ea aduce externalitati negative oamenilor care nu cred, si prin urmare trebuie taxata.

Banii din taxe sa fie donati p/u invatamint 🙂

Ce spuneti credinciosilor? Ati fi deacord? 🙂

Isus va invata sa dati Caesarului ce-i a Caesarului.



  1. interesant….tu te socoti Caesar??

  2. Dar oare eu am spus sa-mi dai mie banii??
    oare eu ma consider statul?
    ei trebuie platiti la stat… si investit in educatia generatiei tinere 🙂
    E stiut faptul ca cu cit sunt mai prosti oamenii cu atit sunt mai religiosi… caci de altfel biserica singura i-ar fi donat statului p/u invatatura, nu? 🙂

  3. wow, iaka nu m-am gâbdit că sunt și așa bloguri. Blogurile de obicei se laudă că fac ceva pentru cititori. Tu cu ce te lauzi? Sunt doar curioasă!

    • Cosânzeana: “Blogurile de obicei se laudă că fac ceva pentru cititori.”

      Draga Ileana,
      precum ai mentionat si tu: “wow, iaka nu m-am gâbdit că sunt și așa bloguri”
      acest blog nu e “ca deobicei” in primul rind.
      In al doilea, blogurile sunt create p/u a aduce utilitate unui om sau unui grup de oameni. 🙂
      3. Eu nu sunt paternalist, deci scopul blogului nici nu e conceput p/u a “schimba lumea” , ce-i drept niciodata nu stii, unui idiot i=a trecut prin cap ca va shchimba lumea daca va scrie despre sarpe vorbitor si crearea lumii in 7 zile… si uite cum a schimbat-o 🙂

  4. daca biserica se intineste la cineva acasa ce de facut atunci?

    • Se aplica legislatia in vigoare, Erik 🙂 … daca nu deranjati pe nimeni si nu bateti clopotele in apartament sau nu faceti alte ritualuri prostesti atunci Dumnezeu cu VOI! 🙂
      Totusi daca afisati public ca sunteti biserica, ar trebui sa platiti taxe.

  5. stii, in Declaratia Manhattan semnata recent de multi lideri crestini scrie ca
    “We will fully and ungrudgingly render to Caesar what is Caesar’s. But under no circumstances will we render to Caesar what is God’s.” ….

    • And in no circumstances will I render more to the people of your God than to other people of other or no Gods!
      And if you think you`re more equal than other because of your God and your perceptions of what belongs to your deity thus exerting negative externalities on other people then be prepared to face the harsh consequences in the real world!

      • Calm down Luci, (Satan este nervat si el tot timpul)
        We do not want you to do anything for God. If you choose to reject the God of the universe then that is your prerogative. Just a reminder of what God says about those who do not believe in Him

        Psalm 14:1
        The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”

        Keep that in mind as you choose not to believe in God. And choose to fight against the God you do not believe in.

      • Erik , again you`re going astray… We are talking about that Ppl like you are making negative externalities, and that you should be TAXED! 🙂
        Am I fighting against your God??? THis is YOUR SUBJECTIVE perception!
        How smart should u be to assert that someone is FIGHTING against an imaginary being he himself does not believe in!? That`s a rethoric question, u dont have to anwer it!
        You just have to say your DAMN OPINION on whether you would AGREE or NOT to PAY for the damages you cause to people that ARE NOT LIKE YOU!

  6. you wrote “negative externalities,”

    proof, not empty words my friend, I can find empty words from any bum on the streets

    You are the atheist, not me, by definition you are fighting against the God that you believe does not exist (I still find it funny, ha ha)

    What damages have I caused to anyone (once again, proof is needed).

    How much damage was done in the 20th Century by atheists? How much should atheists have to pay for the damage that they cause on society?

    • What definition Erik? Your defitinion? All born children are FIGHTING YOUR GOD and all healthy minded ppl are FIGHTING YOUR GOD in your opinion. We are not fighting ANYTHING!
      When companies make advertisments about their products they have to pay TAXES! When you OFFER your God to ppl YOU SHOULD PAY from the revenue as well… It´s business, NOTHING personal!
      When missionaries go from house to house and advertise their Gods they are providing pozitive utilities to some ppl : those who WANT to believe like you but they also provide NEGATIVE externality to ppl like ME!
      I am NOT getting compensated for the negative utility guys like you impose on me! That´s why RELIGION in a Market Economy is overproduced and should be taxed.

      • Neither are we compensated here on earth for the negative utility of atheists or homosexuals impose on us, do we?
        You call Christianity a ‘business’? In a business you usually win something material. What material things did the apostles, Jesus’ disciples win? Some of them where stoned to death or crucified.
        What material things did they win, Lucifer? They gave up everything, including their life for Christ’s sake.

      • Do atheists try to convert u to their religion? Oh wait a second… they don´t have one. You cannot claim negative externalities because some ppl DO NOT PRODUCE SOMETHING! IN a market economy ppl have the choice to produce or not to produce.
        Homosexuality or Heterosexuality is another topic, it´s not business and homosexuals like heterosexuals like u, have sex at HOME not in public! And sex in public is banned in most countries. If you feel offended then it´s your problem. I haven´t seen homosexuals coming to my door and trying to convert me to their sexual orientation either! You however scare the shit out of them with your God`s conditional love for your sexual orientation and MAYBE homosexuals should ask a compensation too!
        And yes, I treat religion as a business… as long as there are money and good involved… it´s a business… and should be taxed as such!
        But if you guys realize (I hope u have the brains to realize basic economics ideas) that Religion is overproduced and has negative externalities… why is it that at LEAST symbolic you don´t wanna pay some taxes to THOSE to whom you are wrong?
        What kind of sick moral values do u guys have?

      • Again. You ignored everything I said about the apostles…
        If you haven’t seen a homosexual at your door, you will soon see them on the streets…and they will interfere with your life, cause you’re not staying 24/7/365 indoor, do you? They will influence you.

        Atheism is a religion, it is another religion Jesus saved me from.

  7. Paul, I don´t care what your religion says.
    THERE IS A LAW protecting you from seeing sex in public…
    Seeing gay people on the street is OK! They are people and they have the same rights as YOU do! You have a problem with tolerance then it´s your problem. And we are talking about TAXES here NOT ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY! Do you have enough brains TO STICK to a topic??? (I really think u have issues, for a reason u mentioned u`re 13 y.o. But we both know it´s not true)

    You think Atheism is a religion??? Why don´t u GOOGLE the meaning of the word ATHEIST.. type in GOOGLE define: atheist
    What are the results?

    Atheism is the position that deities do not exist, or the rejection of theism.
    atheistic – rejecting any belief in gods

    Let´s go now to wikipedia and PLEASE READ at least a paragraph.
    here´s the link

  8. Luci (mai calm, we do not want you having a heart attack or anything)
    “it´s not business and homosexuals like heterosexuals like u, have sex at HOME not in public!”

    There is plenty of evidence of homosexuals being caught having sex in PUBLIC places so you are wrong again as usual.
    Lucifer: So are heterosexuals caught having sex in public! SO WHAT? There are people that specialize in law-enforcement. POinting out that there are some people within a group breaking the law allows you to make inferences about the entire group of ppl? And AGAIN: THIS IS OUT OF TOPIC! Write in the homosexuality post, not here…

    (You make bold statements but always lack proof. I thought you believe in intellectual thought, accusation without evidence is a lack of intellect.)
    Lucifer: What are you talking about? What bold statements do I make? And where do I make accusations???

    Homosexuals want to peddle their way of life in the public schools with children who do not yet know their right hand from their left.
    Lucifer: Well.. THIS sounds more like a strong statement, don´t you think?

    Atheists already sell their product in the public schools through the lie of macro evolution (even though the tax payers have to pay for it, unfortunately, even Bible believing Christians are forced to pay for atheistic teaching).
    Lucifer: Those Atheists we call SCIENTISTS, Erik 🙂 And they DO NOT SELL Anything! Unlike Christians, Muslims, Scientologists and Spagetti flying monsterns, Atheists are not a homogeneous group of people! Therefore stating that Evolution is the Product of Atheists is simply wrong! And AGAIN, this is OUT OF THE TOPIC! Other comments out of the topic will be deleted!

    You see, you want Christians who bring moral values for the good of the society to be placed in a corner with nothing to say while homos and atheists prance around with o gura mare, letting everyone know what they “believe” and that those who do not believe like them are intellectually challenged.

    Lucifer: Thanks for trying to guess what I WANT and what I DON’T WANT. It´s easier to ask me what I want: I want STATA 11 MP so that i could do the regressions faster 🙂

    Lucifer: As for what should the children be taught in SCHOOLS… it´s easy: They should be taught SCIENCE, and Science is not what someone beliefes, it´s a set of hypothesis accepted by most scientists in their domain. The scientific methods are well defined in most sciences… it might coincide or NOT with how YOU personally think it should be. (Maybe u think everything that contradicts the bible should not be taught in schools… 🙂 I don´t know)
    As for: intelectually challenging someone… well… What´s wrong with that?

    • Your comment was out of the topic… that´s why it was modified… 🙂

    • Brewer, ai grija sa nu strici keyboardul… n-ai obosit dactilografiind atata? 🙂

      • da, tie iti convine cand crestini tac si-ti dau voie tie sa promovezi propaganda ateistilor fara rusine, imi dau seama.

  9. Luci, look what i found on Google: ‘atheism – the doctrine or belief that there is no God’
    See, you choose what you believe…

    And we are talking about TAXES here NOT ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY! Do you have enough brains TO STICK to a topic??? (I really think u have issues, for a reason u mentioned u`re 13 y.o. But we both know it´s not true).

    If you choose not to believe that I’m 13 years old, that’s your choice, but it’s different from reality.

    • No belief of God = Belief of No God … it´s basic logic.
      And read the wikipedia page first … for GENERAL knowledge…

      Yes, I choose to believe you´re not 13 y.o. I have no evidence you are! I´m not claiming I KNOW! IF you would provide me with some evidence, I will adjust my beliefs according to the new evidence: this is called a LEARNING Process.
      You KNOW the Bayesian principle of learning, I explained it to u quite well… Did you understand it??? 🙂

      Now compare my perception of believes to yours:
      You assume THAT YOU KNOW that your believes are TRUE.

  10. I like the way you just erase an argument that you cannot answer. Shows real intellectual genius on your part. If I am not wrong, little children do the same thing. When you tell them something that they do not want to hear and they have nothing to say in return then they get upset and change the subject or just keep saying over and over again “no it’s not, no it’s not, …

    Also I like your answer to homosexuals getting caught in public having sex, after you affirmed that they do not. Here is your answer “SO WHAT?” Once again real intellectual genius on your part. Blame it on the law-enforcement instead of the actual perpetrators of the crime, good one. When you see a repeating pattern among a group of people you have to point it out. Homos have a thing for sex in public (perversion leads to perversion) the Bible tells of that very idea (perversion leading to perversion).

    It is not off topic when I make a comment to a comment that YOU yourself made (you made the comment about homos having sex in their bedrooms and not in public). Be consistent in your actions.

    Do I need to show you all of your untrue accusations? You claim that I have done something negative to you. You claim that I am “prost”. “exerting negative externalities on other people” A person’s opinion is now considered exerting negative externalities (that is if you do not agree with it). Closing down free speech and thought are we?

    Atheists have the same lingo, the same belief pattern (system) and actions so I would rethink the statement of non-homogeneous. Darwin is your high priest, his book is your holy book, and in countries like the USA the state funds this cult/religion. Atheists are part of a religion but will never admit it. You have your religious lingo (you guys use the same arguments everywhere, everytime). Face it, you are a believer Luci (for me the irony is almost too much).

    Go ahead and delete what you cannot counter argue. I still know what I wrote and have a copy of it. Let the children’s games begin!!!

    So you do not want macro-evolution to be taught in schools? Great, neither do I. Let’s see if we can get that lie removed asap.

    Children should be taught science in school and not the pseudo-science of macro evolution (fairytales that cannot be proven).

    When you argue, use facts and stats and avoid catch words like “most” (most scientists). I want to see facts, how many are “most”? Is 50% most? I told you that you guys have the same lingo and same arguments (your religion is seeping out)

    Prove macro-evolution using the scientific method. I want to see it. Do not forget that step about reproducing in the lab (that is key here).

    • That´s not an erase… I´ve answered all your astray arguments, the problem with them is that they are out of topic… you really can´t stick to it… can u?

    • SO what do u wanna debate… homosexuality or Evolution?

  11. Again I fail to see evidence of your arguments for negative externalities, please show me some proof. I have the right to free speech and free thought right? Also, I can show plenty of evidence how atheism and homosexuality cause many negative consequences for a society, I am sure you know the examples but if you want I can go point by point. It is important that you learn how to argue with evidence, not just your empty words and accusations.

    Nu te nerva, Luci, nu este bine pentru sanatatea ta. You can also leaving the swearing somewhere else. I have noticed that the more educated people are the more edifying their language (any bum on the street can swear).

    You wrote “Do atheists try to convert u to their religion?”

    Yes they do. They start with little kids who do not know their right from their left hand, teaching them about evolution and the fact that there is no God. Also, atheists are very religious, I pointed that out to you but you just ignored the EVIDENCE as you usually do. Atheistic literature is not sold on the market? I cannot stop laughing at that one. Do you live in a cave?

    Sex in public is banned in most countries but immoral people without values are fighting hard to convince the world that sex in public should be legal. Immoral people have no limits, si sunt fara rusine.

    Again, homos do not come to your door, they start with your children and also try to manipulate the laws of the country to work against you.

    Make the homos the victim. Good liberal, secular humanistic tactic. The aggressor becomes the victim. You guys (atheists, homos, immoral people) are all the same. You believe the same doctrine and use the same language and examples (your religion is coming out again).

    From what you write we see who has the sick moral values.

  12. Deacord cu asa lege, plus inca impozite pentru jertve si vinzari 😉

  13. :))))SUPER TARE
    Dar nu votez , pentru

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